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Five Ways Leaders Use Hypnosis

While some people remain unconvinced that hypnosis works, there are plenty of other, open minded types who give it a go and find that it works beautifully. Hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis have been shown to be effective in numerous studies. As with anything though, the best way to know if it will work for you is to try it yourself.

Leaders are turning to hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis for a simple reason - it works. This article shares five ways leaders are using hypnosis today to strengthen their leadership skills so they can conquer challenging problems.

5. Increase Creativity

Hypnosis is an outstanding tool to expand your creativity, a talent all leaders need. By relaxing the conscious mind, also called the critical mind, to the point where it stops interfering with the subconscious, the mind is more open to new ideas. “Self-hypnosis can help increase confidence and help you access your intuitive and creative states by turning inward,” says Grace Smith in How Anyone Can Use Hypnosis to Be More Creative, Brit + Co.

4. See Opportunities

When the critical mind is relaxed and taking a back seat, the subconscious mind has more room to explore and make new connections. Frequently, this expanded viewpoint can lead to seeing opportunities that had not been visible before. For example, I have had several clients come to me with relationship problems. In hypnosis we have been able to reassess those relationships, and find new ways to change negative relationships and open the doors to new and better relationships.

3. Maintain Focus

Hypnosis is not just in your mind. Science is also showing how it is physically observed in your brain. A recent study from Stanford University shows that patients who are hypnotized are better able to focus on a single task without worrying about their surroundings.

David Spiegel, Chair of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Director of the Center on Stress and Health at Stanford University School of Medicine, says of hypnosis “It helps you focus your attention so you’re not thinking about other things, you have better control of what's going on in your body, and you’re less self-conscious.”

2. Grow Self Confidence

Henry Ford is quoted as saying, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” When the mind is in a state of hypnosis, it is particularly open to learning and developing new thought patterns and mind sets. Affirming confidence while in self-hypnosis is particularly effective at increasing this important leadership skill.

1. Manage Stress

The number one way leaders use self-hypnosis is for stress management. Being a leader means putting yourself out there, open to criticism and others’ frustrations. In the process of directing and listening to others, leaders often feel the push / pull of working with limited resources, divergent viewpoints and unexpected problems. Relaxing the mind as a tool to relieve stress is a smart step leaders can take to feel better and peacefully consider how to move forward.

Maybe you’ve been reluctant to explore hypnosis, unsure if it could bring you or your team any value. The truth is, hypnosis can be very useful to both individuals and teams as they seek to lead projects and manage change.

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