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FOCUS: Boost Your Productivity with 5 Powerful Techniques

Summer is at its peak, meaning back-to-school season is coming fast. As we gear up for new Fall challenges and opportunities, August presents the perfect opportunity to rethink our focus and productivity. And what better way to do that than diving into the world of getting our conscious and subconscious mind in gear? Learn how FOCUS can help you remember 5 great ways to improve your productivity.

F - Frame Your Success:

Every successful venture starts with a well-framed mindset. As you or your kids or grandkids step into a new academic year or embark on fresh projects, it's essential to visualize your goals clearly. Think about what you want to achieve, why it matters to you, and how it will positively impact your life. Framing your success sets the tone for what lies ahead and creates a strong foundation for your journey.

“Framing” what you want to work on can make a huge difference. There are many ways to think about framing, but two I like to use are cognitive framing and positive framing. Cognitive framing is the act of deciding how to look at something. Positive framing is looking at things in a positive light.

For example, in my business I need to collect data and produce reports. This isn’t something I really like to do. By reminding myself when it’s time to work on my reports that I am doing the data collecting and reporting because it makes a very positive contribution to my business, I can be productive and get the work done. What do you need to work on or make a decision about that would benefit by giving additional thought to your frame?

O - One Thing at a Time:

Multitasking often seems like the key to getting more done. But the truth is, multitasking often leads to diminished focus and scattered efforts. It turns out that yes, there are people who are good at multitasking – but they are about 2.5% of the population. In other words, you are probably not very good at multitasking. Instead, focus on the power of one thing at a time. Prioritize tasks, break them down into manageable steps, and tackle them one by one. By doing so, you'll experience a deeper sense of accomplishment and enhanced productivity.

In 2022 I wrote my first book, An Alignment of Spirit: Finding Work You Love. Writing a book is a good example of a task best accomplished by doing one thing at a time. Setting time aside for important projects and sticking to one thing is a productive way to use your time.

C - Challenge Yourself and Gamification:

Routines can get monotonous, and it often helps to make projects challenging, or better yet, fun! By challenging yourself, or even working in challenges with other people, you lift your productivity.

“Gamifying” something is just a fancy way of making a task into a game. For example, competing against yourself to accomplish a certain task faster or at a higher level of quality than you did the last time you did it. It’s a great way to be productive and have fun!

Here’s an example from my work. As an author, I sometimes call bookstores to see if they want to carry my book. I have one list that has all the listings of the shops organized by state. I printed out a blank map of the states, and each time I finish calling all the shops on the list in that state, I color in the state. Yes, I also have an electronic checklist where I keep track of the calls, but the coloring gives me something little and fun I can do that visually represents how much of my list and the country I have called. What can you to do make something you have to do a little more fun?

U - Unwind and Recharge:

It’s vital to take time to unwind and recharge. Relaxation is not only essential for your mental well-being, but it also plays a crucial role in boosting focus and productivity.

We have all been told time and time again about the importance of sleep. Sleep is foundational to thinking and performance. It is imperative to prioritize sleep to maximize your focus and productivity.

Short breaks and gaps in our schedule have been shown to be helpful at creating divergent thinking. In Time magazine’s article Doing Nothing Can Make You More Productive, the author Gloria Mark, suggests a number of helpful unwinding activities including walking, meditation, or even knitting or throwing a ball. Of course, it is up to you to make sure your unwinding activity doesn’t overtake your focus on your primary task.

S - Self Hypnosis:

One of the most powerful tools you possess is your subconscious mind. By harnessing the power of self-hypnosis, you can create positive changes in your habits, behaviors, and thought patterns. Self-hypnosis allows you to access your inner potential, enhancing your focus, motivation, and overall performance. It's like having a secret weapon in your pocket, ready to unleash your hidden talents.

FOCUS is the key to unlocking your true potential. Frame your mindset for success, tackle one task at a time, challenge yourself through gamification, unwind to recharge, and tap into the power of self-hypnosis. By incorporating these strategies into your daily routine, you'll be well on your way to achieving greatness.


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