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Can Chatgpt do my job?

Are you wondering if and when your role might be replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI)? This week I decided to do a little experiment to see if Chatgpt was ready to take on my job. Learn more about how Chatgpt works and see if you are ready to take the plunge to investigate what Chatgpt says about your work!

I’m a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Executive Coach. I live near Silicon Valley and I’ve worked for several tech companies including Google, so I hear and think a lot about how technology changes life and our working world. Checking out Chatgpt ….

The scores below are based on how well Chapgpt answered the question and do not take into account the speed of getting the answers. If speed was incorporated in the scoring, I’d have to give Chatgpt more points.

Chatgpt knows the steps, but can’t write a hypnosis script

ME: Write a hypnosis script for anxiety

CHATGPT: Here is a sample hypnosis script for reducing anxiety:

  1. Begin by having the person sit comfortably and close their eyes.

  2. Guide the person into a relaxed state by asking them to focus on their breathing and to release any tension in their muscles.

  3. Tell the person to imagine themselves in a safe, peaceful place where they feel calm and relaxed. It could be a beach, a forest, or anywhere else that feels calming to them.

  4. Encourage the person to visualize themselves breathing in peace and calm, and breathing out stress and anxiety.

  5. Say the following affirmations to the person: "I am safe. I am in control. I am relaxed." Repeat these affirmations several times, allowing the person to fully absorb their meaning.

  6. Instruct the person to imagine a white light of positive energy surrounding them, washing away all their worries and fears.

  7. Ask the person to imagine a mental shield surrounding them, protecting them from any negative thoughts or emotions that may cause anxiety.

  8. Slowly bring the person back to their waking state by counting from one to five, telling them with each number that they are becoming more and more alert and aware.

  9. Finish by telling the person that they can recall the feeling of calm and peace whenever they need to.

It's important to note that this script is just a sample and that results may vary from person to person. Hypnosis should never be used as a substitute for professional medical care and treatment.

I’m impressed, and also not impressed. While Chatgpt can tell me some good steps to use in hypnosis, my request was to “write a hypnosis script” and Chatgpt did not do that. I find it interesting that Chatgpt included “Hypnosis should never be used as a substitute for professional medical care and treatment.” I agree, hypnosis should be used as an adjunct treatment; I just find it really curious that Chatgpt included that caution in its results.

Score: Human (Michelle) 1, Chatgpt, 0

Chatgpt can generate many of the basics of executive coaching

ME: What should I say to my professional coaching clients?

CHATGPT: Here are some things to keep in mind when communicating with your executive coaching clients:

  1. Listen actively: Encourage your clients to talk about their goals, challenges, and concerns, and listen attentively to their needs.

  2. Be empathetic: Show empathy and understanding by acknowledging your clients' emotions and experiences.

  3. Be respectful: Treat your clients with respect and professionalism, and maintain confidentiality at all times.

  4. Set clear expectations: Clearly explain your coaching process, including how often you will meet and what results you expect to achieve.

  5. Provide support and encouragement: Offer your clients support, encouragement, and guidance to help them achieve their goals.

  6. Offer concrete solutions: Help your clients identify and overcome obstacles by offering concrete solutions and strategies.

  7. Celebrate successes: Celebrate your clients' successes, no matter how small, to help build their confidence and motivation.

  8. Continuously evaluate progress: Regularly evaluate your clients' progress and make adjustments to your coaching approach as needed.

By approaching your clients with a positive, supportive, and solution-focused mindset, you can help them achieve their goals and develop their full potential.

This is a similar result. Chatgpt did an impressive job of gathering a lot of good information in about 2 seconds. The composition is clear if simple, but it’s helpful information. However, Chatgpt did not answer my question “what should I say … “ It answered a related question “how should I approach my executive coaching clients?” These results illustrate how Chatgpt is likely to explode the volume of content very, very quickly.

Score: Human (Michelle) 2, Chatgpt, 0

Chatgpt gets creative

ME: What are some good names for a hypnotherapy business?

CHATGPT: Here are some names for a hypnosis business:

  1. Mind Mastery

  2. The Hypnosis Connection

  3. Tranquil Transformation

  4. Hypnotic Harmony

  5. Soothing Suggestions

  6. Inner Peace Hypnosis

  7. Deep Relaxation Solutions

  8. The Hypnotic Mind

  9. Mindful Meditations

  10. Positive Power Hypnosis

  11. Tranquil Thoughts

  12. The Hypnosis Zone

Note: Some of these names may already be in use, so be sure to check their availability before deciding on a name for your business.

First, I’m not planning to change the name of my business. I thought this would be a good question to challenge Chatgpt’s creativity and it was.

I think of creativity as a very human trait, and yet Chatgpt managed to come up with 12 immediate answers to my question. Looking over these suggestions, they are not terribly clever, but they are certainly not awful. Five of the twelve use alliteration. Alliteration is known to improve marketability and influence by repeating the same sound.

What I found especially remarkable about this result, is that Chatgpt came up with these so fast! I couldn’t have thought of 12 let alone typed them in the few seconds it took Chatgpt to produce them. I chose to leave speed out of the scoring, but if I didn’t, this one would go to Chatgpt.

Score: Human (Michelle) 3, Chatgpt, 0

Can Chatgpt hypnotize someone?

ME: Hypnotize me to go to sleep

CHATGPT: I'm sorry, but as an AI language model, I am not able to physically hypnotize you. However, here are some tips that may help you fall asleep:

  1. Relax your muscles

  2. Focus on your breathing

  3. Picture a calming scene in your mind

  4. Repeat a mantra or affirmations

  5. Avoid screens before bedtime

Try practicing these techniques and see what works best for you. Sweet dreams!

Chatgpt seems to know the how, but not the what. I find it amusing that it answered my question with an apology for being an AI language model. Bottom line, Chatgpt can’t hypnotize anyone and it knows it.

Score: Human (Michelle) 4, Chatgpt, 0


Chatgpt is awfully cool, and its ability to gather information and spit it back is remarkable. Before retraining as a hypnotherapist and executive coach, I worked in creative advertising for over 20 years. Chatgpt’s ability to come up with some decent business names in under 5 seconds is extraordinary.

For my business, Chatgpt seems to be able to compose a decent description of the “how” to do my job. It does a poor job of producing the “what” of my job. Whew! I think I’m in the safe zone where AI can’t take my job … yet.

What about you? Can Chatgpt do your job? I’d love to hear about your experiences with Chatgpt. AI technology is going to revolutionize work. How will it change work for you?

Michelle Walters is a Hypnotherapist and Executive Coach practicing in the Bay Area of California. The results in this article were generated from Chatgpt on January 28, 2023.


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