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Michelle Walters helps professionals amplify their inner strengths so they can express the best version of their true selves.

Find out if this work is right for you!
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My Methods

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executive coaching &

Solve business and organizational problems

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Experience deep lasting change at the subconcious level

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Michelle offers in-person and on-line classes & workshops. See what's coming up!

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Michelle speaks to businesses and organizations about mind power and growth

About Michelle Walters,
Executive Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Michelle is a Executive Coach and Hypnotherapy Services Provider certified by American Council of Hypnotist Examiners .

Through her deep understanding of human nature, Michelle helps clients develop their inner strengths, and supports them in their personal and professional transformation.


Robert B. says

"Michelle has a warm comforting style that makes it very easy to learn and appreciate the power of hypnosis."

Hypnosis Recordings Available from Etsy

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weight loss

Change your mind and change your eating habits

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Use your mind to relieve your pain

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self confidence

Take charge and be your best self

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Discover what's behind your anxiety and feel better

What's On The Blog

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The Value of Reframing

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Read why I value connectedness so highly I named my podcast
"It's All Connected"

Karen Gresham, Intuitive Healer, Professional Headshot


Learn how a gift of a reading with Karen Gresham Nickell played out over two decades

How to Reach Michelle

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Book A Consult

Book a free 30-minute Consult
to connect with Michelle and see if this work is for you

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Book A Session

Existing clients, book a 60 – 90 minute Session with Michelle

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