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Welcome PowerHer Summit Guests!

Rise and Shine
Boost Your Self-Confidence And Achieve Success
A 30 minute video training

Self-confidence helps women in business assert themselves, negotiate effectively, network, take risks, and ultimately achieve their goals. Learn how to elevate your self-confidence with strategies to drop doubt and assume assertiveness.

Look below for links to the presentation pdf, a reminder of my gift offer, and special offers for summit attendees.

Your Summit Materials

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Your Choice of One Free
Self Hypnosis Product From

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Offers for Conference Attendees

Personal Assessment
- Free Self Hypnosis Gift
- 30 min 1:1 Call
- 1 hour online session for
  Hypnotherapy or Executive Coaching

Price for Summit attendees: $197

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Masterclass on
Self Confidence


I'm always looking to meet more people and explore opportunitites. Let's connect.

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