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Hypnosis for Fitness Professionals

Are you a learner?  Learn more about hypnosis.  Hypnosis is a poorly understood tool that can work wonders for numerous challenges, including weight management and exercise motivation.

Join me for a FREE 45 minute session to learn how hypnosis can aid both you and your clients in their pursuit of improved health.  A mini-hypnosis session is included to give you a taste of the hypnosis experience.

Online, Pre-registration required

Wednesday May 11, 2 pm (reg. due 5/10)

Thursday May 12, 7 pm (reg. due 5/11)

Sunday May 15, 12 pm (reg. due 5/14)


Event drawing includes one free full length hypnosis session

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Coming Out June 2022!

A great guide for the job seeker at any stage of life.  With practical advice, personal anecdotes, and inspirational quotes, it’s both informative and motivating.  A must-read.


--Kimber P.,
Former Executive Recruiter

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