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An Alignment of Spirit

Finding Work You Love

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A spiritually-aligned approach to job hunting that offers practical steps you can take to find meaning, purpose, and connectedness in your workplace.

Work and spirit may feel like two words that don’t fit in the same

sentence. They absolutely do. We spend 25% of our lives at work, and it is critical that your working time align with your spirit. Without an alignment of spirit, work is at best unsatisfying, and at worst, it ends.

This book teaches how to get in touch with your spirit using a variety of techniques including writing, art, and meditation or self-hypnosis for the purpose of finding work you love. Filled with personal stories, scientific evidence, and methods to explore one’s inner self, this book is a guide to deepening the connection to spirit. This process can be applied to your job hunt, as well as many aspects of your life. Doing so will enrich your life in ways you never expected. 

Winner of two COVR Visionary Awards 2023, Gold, Conscious Business, Bronze Self Help.

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An Alignment of Spirit: Finding Work You Love
Book Flyer

An Alignment of Spirit: Finding Work You Love
Chapter 1: Introduction

An Alignment of Spirit: Finding Work You Love

Chapter 5: Release Activities

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